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Warm congratulations to my company WeChat public platform has been certified open

Time:2016-10-21 15:54 Author:admin Access: 【Shut Down】

WeChat is a public platform function module on the basis of a new Tencent Inc in WeChat, through this platform, individuals and businesses can create a WeChat public number, sending text, pictures, audio, video, text message five content categories. 2014, the Tencent Inc will be upgraded to the company's strategic level.
WeChat certification, also known as WeChat public number. Need to have a certain degree of visibility in the industry, and the subscription user needs at least 500, to apply for certification. General enterprises and individuals are difficult to pass, only the famous people and companies, and in line with the conditions can apply for WeChat public number. Can through micro-blog, website and other ways to promote their WeChat public number of two-dimensional code, get more subscribers to expand the influence. Division I and the successful opening of the July 2014 WeChat public platform.
According to the mobile phone micro signal search to find the best woodworking machinery, the current has been the river Jia woodworking machinery, also known as Jiang Jia Machinery Co., Ltd., the specific practices are as follows:
1, in the hands of the Internet can access the premise (WIFI or GPRS can), open the two-dimensional code scanning software.
2, the phone camera alignment of this two-dimensional code, and adjust to the scan interface contains the two-dimensional code.
3, cell phone automatic recognition, and then you can link to our company.

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