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Automatic rip saw

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Automatic single slice machine





 Professional solution for the timber longitudinal cutting with thickness less than 85mm





Multi anti-kickback fingers to prevent wood chips from rebounding. Pressure mechanism & saw spindle locking device. Microcomputer controlled oil pump provides a force lubrication to all major parts,extends the machine service life.



Item Machine model
Technical data
Working thickness 10-85mm
Working length 230-∞
Working width 1-∞
Throat capacity


Total motor power 9kW
Saw spindle motor power 7.5kW
Feeding motor power 1.5kW
Elevation motor /
Saw spindle rotation speed


Feeding speed 15;20;25;31m/min
Saw blade dia 250-305mm
Number of pressure rollers 5 untis
Machine size 1800×1100×1420mm
Packing size


Machine weight 1100kg

Dust exit

Required suction speed approx 30-40m/s
Required suction volume approx 1500~1800m³/h
Inverter controlling feed system
Spike link chain conveyor
Laser marker
Auxiliary support rollers in table
Feeding guide auto setting
Working width magnetic grating digital readout
Automatic material returning device
Short workpiece machining device
Pressure mechanism motor-driven elevation
Side safety baffle
Extension table

Remark:●Standard ○Optional

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