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Double side gang rip saw

The upper and lower shaft slasher





 Professional multi thin-blade cutting solution for timber thickness not more than(VM4308:80mm;VM4316:160mm;VM4321:210mm),increases the utilization ratio of timber.






Feeding mechanism is provided with power torque reduction box combined with the closed universal joint shaft,ensures a smooth material feeding. Both of the saw spindle and pressure mechanism is designed with motor-driven,and can be adjusted fast according to the wood thickness. The feeding mechanism is designed with 6 top & 4 bottom rows of active feeding rollers,ensures a powerful and smooth material feeding. Multi top & bottom anti-kickback fingers to prevent wood chips from rebounding.  



Feeding mechanism is designed with the frequency inverter,suitable for various working requirement. Saw spindle air-cooling technology,ensures the saw spindle running stably even at highspeed rotation,improves working precision and extends blades life.



Item Machine model
VM4308 VM4316 VM4321
Technical data
Min.workpiece length 700mm
Max.cutting depth 80mm 160mm 210mm
Effective cutting width 300mm
Feeding speed(variable adjusted) 4-18m/min
Max.saw blade dia 180mm 305mm 上轴:320mm 下轴:350mm
Saw blade inner bore dia ф50mm
Saw spindle dia ф50mm
Saw spindle speed 4500rpm 3500rpm
Total motor power




Top blade motor 18.5kW 22kW 30kW
Bottom blade motor 18.5kW 22kW 30kW
Feeding motor power 4kW 5.5kW
Pressing roller lifting 1.1kW
Saw spindle elevation motor 0.37kW×2
Pressue wheel size ф140×ф35mm
Working table height from ground 860mm
Machine size 3020×1670×1970mm
Packing size 2270×1700×1800mm 2470×1860×1950mm 3150×2130×2100mm
Machine weight 3100kg 3300kg 3500kg
Dust exit Upper ф200mm×1


Working table wear-resistance treatment

Side pressure device

Feeding speed inverter controlled
Anti-noise safety guard
Pressing roller pneumatic pressing
Saw spindle air cooling system
Spindle cold air cooling device
Spindle jet cooling device
Out-feed devider plate

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