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Double surface planer

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Precision automatic double side planer





 Precise model,suitable for timber thickness not more than 170mm.





Model Ph:heavy duty helical cutterheads with reversible T.C.T tips,suitable for hard & moisture timber processing. Feeding pressure can be adjusted freely,suitable for various material processing. Magnetic grating digital readout,precision up to 0.01mm.Input the data to set the working thickness automatically.    
Item Machine model
SM243ph SM263ph
Technical data
Working width 25-430mm 25-630mm
Working thickness 10-170mm 10-170mm
Min.working length 265mm 265mm

Max.chip removal per feeding

Upper cutter spindle 8mm 8mm
Down cutter spindle 5mm 5mm
Tool cutting circle dia ф101mm ф101mm
Cutter spindle rotation speed 6500rpm 5800rpm
Tool cutting speed 34.3m/s 30.7m/s
Feeding speed 4-30m/min 4-30m/min
Total motor power 16.37kW 22.87kW
Upper cutter spindle motor power 7.5kW 11kW
Down cutter spindle motoe power 5.5kW 7.5kW
Feeding motor 3kW 4kW
Elevation motor 0.37kW 0.37kW
Machine size



Packing size 2500×1170mm 2500×1370mm
Machine weight 2400kg 3000kg
Dust exit Down ф125mm×1 ф125mm×2
Upper ф155mm×1 ф155mm×1
Required suction speed

approx 30-40m/s

approx 30-40m/s

Required suction volume 6000m³/h 8000m³/h
Floating type spiral knife
Heavy duty spiral cutterheads
Short workpiece machining device(100mm)
Inverter controlling feed system
Pressure roller pneumatic control
Magnetic grating digital readout
Feeding pressure adjustable
Automatic in-feeding table
Engaged out-feeding table

Remark:●Standard ○Optional

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