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Finger jointing line

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Semi automatic comb finger joint production line





 Professional solution for the finger shaping and jointing process of various tailings,waste materials and short boards,minimize timber loss.






Dual-cylinder powerful pressing design guarantees the working precision and the operator's safety. With scoring saws from the top and the bottom,hoggers and different finger cutters,it ensures perfect processing for exact finger jointing. Powerful upper cylinder design results a level finger jointing.And has rhythmical air discharge and pressure relife function,enables the thrust force to the delivered to each jointing face for a perfect jointing. All cutter spindles are driven indirectly by the flat belts for non vibration power transfer.





Specially designed glue nozzle to provide an exactly proportioned glue on the bottom of the joints. Heavy duty dual drive electric feeding rollers & wood pre-pressing unit,ensures the material after being shaped will be pre-connected and automatically cut to some fixed length. Pneumatic glue application device can respond to the glue application command quickly .Pressing down the manual glue application button can clean the glue application system easliy. The controlling system consists of PLC,human machine interface and other major electronic components,guarantees a reliable and stable operation.



Item Machine model
Technical data

Finger shaper

Ingoing length 150-900mm

Timber thickness

Working table width 600mm
Hogger motor power 11kW×2
Finger shaping motor power 18.5kW×2
Finger shaping spindle dia ф50mm
Finger shaping spindle speed 5000rpm
Hogger spindle speed 4650rpm
Scoring spindle speed 5800rpm
Finger shaper tool dia ф250mm
Finger length 10/11mm Timber cross section(soft wood) 120cm²
Timber cross section(hard wood) 90cm²
Table moving Tonen speed 18-24m/min
Return speed 24m/min

Finger jointer

Timber width 40~150mm
Timber thickness 15~80mm
Outfeed length 3000-6100mm
Working capacity vertical jointing:30×90×400 20m/min
horizontal jointing:22×50×350 10m/min
Finger jointing pressure 1-12t
Total motor power 74.57kW
Machine size 12690×4056×1820mm
Machine weight 8000kg
Dust exit ф250mm×2 ф100mm×2
Required suction speed 30m/s
Required suction volume approx 5300m³/h×2
Air consumption


Conveyor feeding system

Automatic deliver device

Double channel press
Multi lengths
Vibration stop device
Glue application system
Frequency inverter controlled advance
Wood splinter protection
Wood tear-out protection device
Wood monitoring device
Mitsubishi PLC(no earthnet interface)
Rexroth(with earthnet interface)

Remark:●Standard ○Optional

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