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1.around the different needs of customers, to provide customers with advanced, applicable processing technology and the whole plant planning.

2.free installation and commissioning, and maintenance and operation of the customer training.

3.after receiving customer service needs, in the first time to the customer production site, the province arrived within 24 hours, the other provinces within 48 hours to reach (except for irresistible factors).

4.after the new machine mode is completed, tracking customers to produce 0.5~1 frequency, to help operators to further master the operation skills.

5.regular communication with customers, to understand the situation of product usage, to help customers solve various problems existing in the production process.

6.annual customer return visit, in the process of the return visit to help customers adjust, restore product precision, guidance daily maintenance knowledge.

7.to ensure reasonable, adequate spare parts inventory, provide timely service to customers, reduce downtime of customers.

8.lifetime for customer service. According to the operation manual machine in normal use and maintenance of the expiration period for a year and a half (motor, electric appliance repair a year, wearing parts and man-made damage free repair). The shelf life of product life-long warranty.