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Talent Concept

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People make the best use, not sticking to formalities 


Everyone has his own advantages, employers do not suspect, the suspect not, give full play to each employee's skills and expertise.

What is the definition of the talent of Jiang Jia?

1. quality has been recognized and praised it?

2. whether in the position of competent?

3. can do a good job to complete their own work?

4. have the team spirit? With learning ability?

5. have ambition and firm and indomitable character?

6. are willing to meet the challenge?

Employees with the above affirmative answer should be a talent. Can not simply by degrees and diplomas to measure whether the staff is a talent.

Give these people the right position to work, give them enough space to play, to the rational evaluation of these talents to test, to match the reward to the talent, this is the people to do their use.

No matter what you are doing, regardless of the size of your age, regardless of your degree, what can you do to give you the stage, only one, can create profits for the enterprise, this is not sticking to formalities.